April 02, 2018

As I am sure you know, I  L O V E a Facial Massage – whether it be with a nifty Jade Roller, a Rose Quartz Gua Sha or a Fingertip Facelift.  Anyway, I recently found a holistic beauty treatment to add to my repertoire :and now I’m excited to introduce it to you Facial Cupping! 

Facial Cupping


Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where special cups are applied to your skin for a few minutes to create suction. It’s rather like an inverse of massage – instead of applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward.

The benefits of cupping are enhance circulation, help relieve tension and pull out the toxins that are lingering in your body.

The two main methods of cupping that we use in the west are:

Fixed Cupping: The cups are placed on a selected area of your body and then left in place without being moved.

Glide Cupping: As the name implies, oils or creams are applied to your skin, the cups placed on the area to be treated and then glided around that area. The cups slide easily because the oil has lubricated your skin.

Glide cupping is the method used in Facial Cupping.


Like cupping on the body, facial cupping works is to stimulate circulation and remove toxins for a  more radiant and glowing complexion.

The suction from the cups helps guide nutrients to the surface of the skin, re-energizing and refreshing it, while at the same time draining toxins and improving both the health and beauty.

The facial cupping method helps to increase oxygen-rich blood circulation which in turn delivers more nutrients. In addition it helps to stimulate the cells responsible for collagen and elasticity generation thereby strengthening the skin and connective tissue.

This mean fine lines and deeper wrinkles can be visibly reduced and the chin, jawline, neck & decolletage can be toned and sculpted.

The effects brought about by the cupping can have several aesthetic benefits

  • Decreased facial puffiness due to drainage of lymph fluid
  • Better nutrition brought to the skin helps give a young glow to the skin.
  • The lifting motion reduces the visible fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring because of injuries or acne. The skin also looks plumper.
  • Massaging movements help relax tense facial muscles resulting in a softer, younger appearance.
  • Any beauty products used post-treatment are absorbed better and are more effective.

Facial cupping is a pain-free, non-invasive and holistic beauty treatment.


The cups used for Facial Cupping are made from silicon and create a much gentler suction than the traditional glass cups used on the body. As such this beauty treatment is completely painless and should not leave marks or bruises on your skin. 

1 – To begin it is important to thoroughly clean and exfoliate your skin prior to starting a facial cupping treatment. I personally like to use Exfoliating Silk Cocoons – as they have a naturally abrasive surface and don’t put any nasties down the sink and into our oceans.

2 – Next step is to apply your favourite facial oil. This is to ensure the cups can seal on your skin well and glide smoothly. There is no wrong or right oil to use however, I like therapeutic oils such as coconut, jojoba, or argan oil.

3 – Now for the main event – Within your Sam’s Secrets Facial Cupping Set you have 2 large facial cups and 2 small facial cups. These cups are made with 100% eco silicone. Start with the larger sized cup and gently squeeze it before applying to the centre of your face. This will create a vacuum suction. Then slowly start gliding the cup across the from centre of the face toward your ear. 

When performing cupping, work each gliding pathway three times before moving to the next – switching to the smaller cups for the smaller areas around your nose, mouth and between your eyebrows. You can even use the smaller cups on your lips to a natural plumper and fuller look.

Work one side of your face first, repeating on the other side.

The key is to keep the cup moving at all times.

4 – Ideally to get the best effect you should do the home treatment for 5-10 minutes two or three times a week