Our Vintage Silk Collection now includes beautiful handmade limited edition Silk Eye Masks. Made from Organic bamboo encased in a combination of stunning, Vintage Kimono silk and luxuriously soft Italian Mulberry Silk.

Japanese Kimono silk is designed and woven into a single ‘bolt’ of fabric and is often hand-decorated with intricate patterns and motifs that tell a story or denote the season. Re-crafting these beautiful one-off silks and breathing new life into them makes each Eye Mask truly unique and a work of art in itself.

Designed to cover the entire eye area and rest on the cheekbones and forehead, our unique extra-large design ensures ultimate comfort and coverage to encourage the production of Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone necessary for deep REM sleep which is boosted by complete darkness and leaves you waking refreshed and ready for your day.

This ultra soft satin-silk prevents facial creasing during sleep and acts as a natural thermal regulator, cooling your skin during hot evenings. Silk does not draw moisture (or expensive night creams!) away from your skin, helping it stay naturally hydrated at home or through the stresses of travel. 

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