Our Vintage Silk Collection now includes beautiful handmade limited edition Silk Face Masks. Made from Vintage Kimono silk and luxuriously soft Italian Mulberry Silk.

Japanese Kimono silk is designed and woven into a single ‘bolt’ of fabric and is often hand-decorated with intricate patterns and motifs that tell a story or denote the season. Re-crafting these beautiful one-off silks and breathing new life into them makes each Eye Mask truly unique and a work of art in itself.

Our ultra soft Mulberry silk is very breathable and is extremely comfortable to wear whilst also feeling extremely luxurious against your skin.

In addition the silk acts as a natural thermal regulator, helping to keep you cool and as silk does not draw moisture, your skin stays naturally hydrated.

However,  please note, this reusable face covering is neither a medical device or personal protective equipment (PPE)

*Masks are reusable and can be washed after each wear.
*Please note this item is non-returnable


Worried about how to care for your silk eye mask? click here to read our comprehensive silk care guide.